Character Creator 4
Issue 10948
Digital Human Head Shader is not exposed/editable after material creation
I've had to use this shader on other body parts for additional controls. At least unlock this shader in CC4, currently we can't edit the SSS textures or parameters.
I've had to change the shader to another then make it go back to be able to make changes but you loose maps when you do this.

I think the Digital Human skin shader is locked as well.
I used headshot 1 to create the character. Default characters seem to be fine. The only other thing I think that is different is that I enabled cloth physics for the skin.

After the character and cloth physics is created, project was saved and open again at.
I have already provided your team with Camilla character that has cloth physics enabled,

Steps CC file with project that has the character using Digital human shaders.
2. Try to edit the digital Head shade -the shaders parameters aren't available.

This issue might because I initially applied the head shader to each of the materials ie; body, arms and legs
for more control.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi
Please keep this case open, when I run into the issue/project again I will record it. 

I believe it had to do with using headshot, then switching the head PBR shader to Digital Human Head and the other body parts to SSS and once that project was saved, closed and reopened, the ability to edit the Digital Human Head shader was greyed out but still working with it. So maybe Headshot still had a reference to its skin matching/reprojection and locked the Digital Head shader from being accessed? I can see a potential bug between those two systems. 

I have so many other projects and if I run into an issue I can't resolve right away, I work on a different project. The issue was so long ago, I will report back as soon as I run into it again but if you try those steps, you might see the issue. Maybe headshot needs to complete it's access to the character, there is no clear "Complete and Close" button that I recall, letting the user know that Headshot is no longer editable - I'd simply prefer Headshot 2 stay editable but still allow users access to edit the Head SSS shader.
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Hi Hi Ascensi,

I can edit Digital Human Shader,can you capture a screen video to us?Thanks.

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Hi Ascensi,

You say that you provided your team with Camilla character that has cloth physics enabled, can you tell me who you provide to,or you provide to me again ?