Character Creator 3
Issue 5392
Custom CC3 characters have no collision shapes, others have not enough
I'm reopening and extending an issue I brought up earlier in FT 2063. For some reason I have not been able to make myself clear. So I will try again.

This concerns CC3 characters to be used in iClone, which need collision shapes.

My ideal CC collision shape profile is Natalie (see CS_Natalie.jpg). I have selected the collision shapes for the thigh and as you can see there are 3 of them. This allows for sufficient flexibility in adjustment. Some of the other body parts also have multiple collision shapes.

Now we look at the new female HighWire character (see CS_HiveWire.jpg). As you can see the thigh now has only one collision shape. In addition it's just named "Capsule" (as are the other collision shapes for this character). This female character should have the same set of collision shapes as Natalie.

Finally, we look at a female DAZ character I created myself and converted using Transformer (see CS_Custom.jpg). Now there are no collision shapes at all. This character should also have the same set as Natalie.

I have given female characters as an example, but the observations are the same for male characters (no collision shapes or too few). In this case, the male character should have Christian's collision shape set.

This was initially reported a long time ago, so I hope a solution will be a bit more speedier this time.
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Submitted byanimagic
I can confirm that there are now collision shapes. 

However, the names of the shapes are still all "Capsule", and there is still only a single shape for certain body parts, such as the thigh. To have more control it would be better to have three. As I mentioned before, just check how it is for Natalie and duplicate this for the newer characters.

Thanks you for your attention in this matter.
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Hi. animagic,

We have split this issue into 3 defects, and the CS_Custom.jpg one have been fixed and released in CC3.03, you might want to try it with the CC3.03 Transformer and see if there are collision shapes.