Character Creator 2
2.0 Beta 1
Released in 3.0
Issue 2063
CC 2.0 Characters miss certain collision shapes
This issue is already present in CC 1.5, but it also appears with CC 2.0 characters. The characters lack collision shapes when used in iClone, which makes it impossible to correctly apply soft-cloth physics to clothing.

Steps to reproduce are simple:

1. In CC, export the character as iAvatar (I tested this with a female character).
2. Open the character in iClone.
3. Select Collision Shape.
4. Make sure Collision On/Off and Show Active Shapes are checked. (This just for visual reference.)
5. Select the left thigh and notice that there is only an L_Thigh shape.
6. Now load a Heidi character and check the collision shapes in the same way. Notice that there are L_Thigh-01, L-Thigh-02, and L-Thigh-03 shapes for the left thigh.

See Collision_shapes.png for a comparison. The Heidi character is on the right.

The desired outcome is for the CC character to have all collision shapes. As it is now it is impossible to correctly apply soft-cloth physics to clothing.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, animagic,

We have planned to add collision shapes on the CC3 Base characters.
Thank you for your suggestions.

I agree.  This deficiency should be addressed.

There are at least two other Issues regarding collisions shapes, and they all cause problems for people trying to use iClone:
It's almost been a year, but the collision shapes are still missing in IC 7.1 when exporting from CC 2.2.
As a workaround you can export the collision shape profiles of Natalie (for female characters) and Christian (for male characters) and apply the appropriate one to your CC character. This will give you a full set of collision shapes and allows to apply soft-cloth physics on clothing effectively.