iClone 7
Released in 7.8
Issue 6625
Curve Editor - Can not select transform channels in outliner
To Repro:
1. In iclone, make a new project. (clear scene)
2. Create a sphere primitive shape
3. Set some "move" transform keys on the sphere from the Modify window.
4. Launch Curve Editor
5. Try to select a position channel in the curve editor, like Position.PositionX (Mine will not let me left click mouse select an individual channel.)

I can however, select the individual channel by using the keyboard arrow up/down keys. (This is my only workaround right now.)

I have the same problem on avatar controls.

I can not use the menu: Select Plugins - Curve Editor - Convert to Curve data since it is grayed out.

The position channels are not locked.

There should be no need to do any sampling since I can see the curves, and can get to them through the arrow keys, I just can't left click select the channels directly. This seems like a bug to me, because every once in awhile, a left click will actually select a channel, but then I won't be able to do it again, or select another channel.

Using Iclone v7.71 and Curve Editor v1.31
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytekanimator
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Thanks all! I'm not actually using iClone at this time now, but really appreciate you following up with a fix for this bug!
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Hi Robert,

We're terribly sorry. If your trial version has expired, you can wait for the next patch version (iClone v7.8) and it will reset the trial time. You can also install the ap in another computer, or re-install your system.

Here is a screen recording to demonstrate reproducing this from a new project.

Initially where you see the mouse moving over the selected X/Y/Z properties I am clicking like mad :), then you can see I start dragging and I'm still clicking at the same time and you see that the selection will change that way, then you'll see the selection moving up and down in sequence from me using the keyboard.

I'm seeing this bug too - it basically makes the curve editor totally unusable here.

I'm using the trial version of iClone 7, in case that makes a difference for reproducing: 7.72.3818.1. (Windows 10), Curve editor plugin = v1.31.

I'm not seeing that anything special really needs to be done to reproduce this - it's just broken for me.

E.g. create a new scene, add a cube, open the curve editor with the cube selected.

If I left click and drag (which starts to scroll the properties) at the same time time then it will sometimes select in that case, or if only one item is selected then I can use the up/down keys to switch items.

My guess is that there's some kind of UI toolkit conflict between using the mouse to be able to click and drag the list to scroll it, vs clicking to select an item. Maybe the ability to click and drag to scroll should be disabled here, since you can anyway use the mouse wheel or scrollbar, or PGUP/DOWN.

I've basically been trying to evaluate whether it makes sense for me to buy iClone to help be able to clean up mocap data - unfortunately this answers my question :)

- Robert
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Hi tekanimator,

Regarding your two questions:

1. Can not select transform channels in outliner
=> We're terribly sorry. We couldn't reproduce this issue. Can you record a video on how this issue happened? Thank you.

2. Convert to Curve data since it is grayed out
=> The function of Convert to Curve Data can only be used on the data for iClone v7.1 or before. After converting the data, you can edit them on the Curve Editor Panel. If it is new data, this option will be disabled.

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