Character Creator 4
Issue 8758
Critical: Correct Unit Scale for Compatibility with Zbrush Symmetry - currently is incorrect - needs "unify" to set scale
When sending models to Zbrush using Goz, the model isn't scaled to Zbrush unit size to work properly with Symmetry - symmetry looses focus. (I've Talked with Paul Gaboury -Pixologic dev about this issue and he stated that this is the reason why it looses focus)

CC4 needs to activate Unify on model with GoZ either before sending it to Zbrush to work properly. Either make the scaling happen before Zbrush or upon successful import into Zbrush.

It should function that when the user presses GoZ again to return the model back to CC, it should scale back to CC size like the state/size before the Unify button is pressed.

This will also help users with Zbrush's default brush size, otherwise everyone has to adjust their dynamic brush size settings.

Unify is located in the "Deformation" tool area. Objects must be unified to set the proper Zbrush unit space scale before using symmetry. If users don't do this a lot of work time can be lost because after a while of sculpting they find out later that the model has lost symmetry.

I realize that this is not necessarily a programming bug but it was an error in the initial creation of the plugin but it does function like a bug because since CC3, it wasn't setup properly making users loose symmetry.
OS: Windows 10
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