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Issue 10919
Cloth VS Cloth enabled with Hair Physics & look of multi strands working on a body that also has physics enabled for skin -working
I had to convert the hair into clothing and disable the vertex assigned hair in order to enable soft cloth.

In order to get the hair as a functional skin weighted cloth (this will work for fur as well all over the body) -

In a previous FT post, I recommended using a hair root map (UV blocks with gradient assigned) to have CC4 detect
where to add the weights/vertex assignment (not necessary with head hair but is for areas that twist with the body if not using physics. Using physics for hair (Using double Low hair piece)with my method, I have been able to make the hair cards hair strands look separated and move independently. In my opinion, and example Reallusion could have a lot more realism with their characters if there is more emphasis on physics and may set an example for the industry.

We should also have control over the cloth subdivision levels for creating furry characters and root to tip control over cloth vs cloth whereas root to tip will vary in collision strength so collision strength can be stronger, not just a global setting that explode models. This isn't just about hair, it's about cloth/clothing not clipping through a character's skin or the skin not clipping through the clothing. If we had screen space particle colliders like Popcorn fx, we should be able to tap into higher resolution collision grid - per material similar to the existing physics materials but additionally should provide the option to toggle off/on rather than having to disable a weight map.

Sorry about the title, sometimes I get excited about discovering things and the ideal label doesn't come to me right away. This post is about 2 discoveries (Calvin, got your message about the Physics on hair as the reason why cloth vs cloth wasn't possible due to current technical limitations, so I reworked the hair to be clothing to test clothing and skin with cloth physics applied to both to test and prevent clipping) I still have to do more testing/research on this. I need to know does increasing subdivision level increase cloth collision resolution the same way as when a rigid body gets subdivided (smooth mesh by subdivision) and the self mesh collider can then be recalculated for higher collider resolution? Thanks.
OS: Windows 11
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