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Released in 3.44
Issue 8191
Character not importing on the ground in Blender
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I was following the RealIlusions tutorial on exporting CC3 Character to Blender and rigging it with auto rig pro. But you can rig the character because the character's feet don't import on the ground plane the bone does with the character above it. Auto rig pro only works if the feet are on the ground plane. How do you get the feet to import on the ground plane?
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I have tried every export setting combination already. It's the same regardless of settings. I attached a screenshot of the settings you suggested and the results of those settings.
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This is what Mesh and Motion look likes. The A pose you need for rigging is in the wrong position while the T pose is in the correct position.
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Resetting the rest pose in Blender to the A pose doesn't work because the A pose is still in the air so resetting the rest pose resets it to the A pose in the air.
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Refer to the Zip files with corresponding names for full context, images, and videos of the problem.

Currently, there is no fix that works.

I was told to post this issue to Feedback Tracker, so it would be in a database.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi iom3dcs,

Thanks for your feedback!
You can set FBX Options as Mesh, then choose Default Pose as A-Pose, then you should get the proper result in Blender.

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