Character Creator 3
Released in 3.04
Issue 5690
Character Creator 3 fails to start after Iray plugin 1.1 update.
Before the Iray plugin is update 1.1, CharacterCreator 3 works normally, and the Iray plugin was also working.

But, since becoming Iray Plugin 1.1 CharacterCreator 3 will fail with "Loading slider and initializing UI" during startup process.

Uninstalling the Iray plugin will allow CharacterCreator 3 to work properly.

In iClone 7, the Iray plugin is working properly.

Windows 10 Pro(x64 ja-JP)
FX-8350 / 32GB
GTX1050 Ti 4GB(Driver 411.70)
iClone 7.41(English)
Character Creator 3.03 with Pipeline Extension(English)
Iray Plug-in 1.1
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byiroha-umegiri
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi iroha-umegiri,

After we checked your output log, we need Crash dump to identify problem, you can follow Step 2 to get the file.
Crash dump only created when AP shut down unusual, it collect the bad pointer of the AP, it won't collect your system information.
Thanks for your help once again!
Also, feel free to use Japanese if it's more convenience for you!

Private Comment
Thank you reply. 
Because I own data related to confidentiality, I can not send obfuscated data of RLSystemInfoCollector. 
Please add to RLSystemInfoCollector a function that allows you to check what kind of data is sent and a function to enable users to select the information to include in the transmission contents. 
I am using google translation.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi iroha-umegiri,

Thanks for your feedback!
In order to identify this issue properly, please provide these files to us.
(1) System information : Here is the description about how to get your system information file. ( )
(2) Startup log & Crash Dump : Download the zip file with the link below, inside the zip you can find the description about how to generate the startup log and crash dump. ( )
Your help is highly appreciated!