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Cannot install update CC304_Patch_Multi.exe OR Any Reallusion software update in Updated Windows 10 Version 1809
Ever since I have updated to Windows 10 Version 1809, any update to other software or games installation WILL WORK without a problem BUT NOT REALLUSION SOFTWARE.

Even Reallusion Hub DOES NOT WORK as it will usually say "Installation was cancelled. All update process will stop." See attached.

Even when I try to "INSTALL ANY REALLUSION SOFTWARE" update like iClone 7 Pipeline, Character Creator 3 and Pipeline, 3dXchange, NOTHING HAPPENS no matter how may times I tried to double click the downloaded update to so so manually.

When the BLUE User Account Control dialog box comes up, one would usually click yes as to "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" "Verified publisher: Reallusion Inc. File origin Hard drive on this computer".and thus expect the YELLOW User Account Control dialog box to show up but nothing like that happens at all". See attached

I even tried reducing the reduce the "User Account Control Settings" to "Never Notify" and that too STILL DOES NOT WORK!!! See attached

I had this problem before. What I had to do eventually was to keep a cloned version of my Bootable SSD with Windows 10 Version 1803. Then from there I had to removed the cloned SSD Bootable updated Windows 10 and replace it with the Bootable SSD with Windows 10 Version 1803 and update your purchased Character Creator version 2 to version 3.

But I can't keep doing this every time you have new updates to your software that will not install to an updated version of Windows 10.

I can't keep on swapping drives and updating. I makes on sense at all.

Surely there must be a better way to address this.

SOMETHING IN YOUR INSTALLERS IS PREVENTING ANY OF YOUR PROGRAMS TO RUN THE INSTALLATION in Windows 10 Version 1809 even if I reinstall your software and to input my serial numbers to complete the installation. NOTHING HAPPENS AT ALL.

PLEASE, PLEASE, FIX THIS....Could you assist.

OS: Windows 10
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Hi dongraphifx,

Thanks for your feedback!
Here is the description about how to get your system information file.
Please provide these files to us, so that we can check this issue clearly.
Also, you can attatch the files in your next comment, and set as private status if you want.
Your help is highly appreciated!

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