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Issue 6451
"Cannot find the program associated with the downloaded file(s). Please install iClone Character Creator first."
I bought some contents (including Headshot).
I installed correctly Headshot.
The problem is that the extra contents (1000 Morphs for Headshot, Cnforming Hair vol. 2, some other dresses...) can't be installed and the hub wrote this message:
"Cannot find the program associated with the downloaded file(s). Please install iClone Character Creator first."
All the softwares are upgaded and originals.

I don't know how to do.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byblenderhighschool
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I am having this issue with paid version of CC4, please help.  Reallusion content downloader cannot find the program, but CC4 is installed normally through hub and working
R Ham
Yes, I've got this prob now.

I bought 2 products. Clicking on rlcontent would not install either of them. The message above came consistently. One succeeded in appearing in the Template dir and installed easily. The other never appeared al all.

I even tried dragging the rlcontent file INTO the CC exec folder. Still no results.

The installer looks flakey.
I have almost the opposite problem. I bought a new PC and moved over my various HDDs to it and now I cant run my apps.

The shortcut to Character Creator has been removed from my start menu but C is still available via the Windows Remove Apps function. Also the Reallusion HUB doesn't allow me to open CC but it does allow me to uninstall it. I have scoured my HDDs but could not find CC anywhere so eventually I uninstalled it and reinstalled it choosing a very simple path: D:\Programs\Reallusion\CC. Never again will I struggle to find it.

But now I don't have Headshot any longer. I try to reinstall but it tells me "You can't install it because it's already installed. Uninstall it first then you can reinstall it". Headshot came with that 10000 faces thing and used up so much of my metered data that I ran out of internet the last few days of the month. I am really not looking forward to uninstall and reinstall it all again just because the installation path is some secret location.

so how do I tell CC that "The HUB says Headshot is installed. Use it" rather than having to uninstall Headshot and download all that massive amount of gigabytes just so CC can see Headshot again?
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Hi mybadstudios,

Please contact our Technical support team, they will give you help within 48 hrs.
Thanks for your Patience!

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Hi blenderhighschool,

Did you solve this issue?
If not, please provide your system information to us.
Thanks for your help and patience!

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Hi blenderhighschool,

Here is the description about how to get your system information file.
Please follow the step and attach the file to us.
Thanks for your help!

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