Character Creator 3
Issue 5814
Can you add a way to remove eyelash geometry?
The eyelash is a huge problem when trying to create highly optimised models for Unity. When using tools within Unity to optimise your models, the eyelashes end up as opaque blocks, unless they are given their own mesh and material. This means 2 additional draw calls (4 when lighting is applied). Can you add a toggle/morph to remove eyelash geometry or add them to a separate mesh?

While it is possible to cut them from the mesh, due to the small size of the polys, this is really time consuming and fiddly work. I need to do dozens of these - help!
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Submitted bydaithi
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Yes please please add this. It's really frustrating when working with Motionbuilder as well - because it reads the eyelashes incorrectly, no matter what. They appear as large brown slabs.
Making the eyelasehs separate geometry would solve all problems trying to create any sort of rotted corpse been lying in the ground for a long time.. Now the zombies look like un-terrifying, ugly pornstars..

Please add this feature
I'd like to second the option to remove eyelash geometry, but for a different end.  I want to sculpt my own stylized eyelashes and bring them into character creator without the existing geometry getting in the way.  I can hide the existing eyelash geometry in CC3 but it's still in Zbrush even after relinking the character.  If there is a way to do this, I would be very grateful.
Hey Raymond - thanks. I'll look into this.
Make sure on the export you check, delete hidden mesh.
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