Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8271
CTA4 Crashes Using Live Face /Motion Live 2D
Hi ,I can load up my character ,custom or Reallusions ,I next open Live Face 2D ,click the iPhone gear icon and I'm able to connect the actor on screen ,I can preview everything fine but every time I hit record ,it says "press space bar key to record "when I do CTA4 crashes and closes everytime.

Thanks Tim
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bybrothertcoleman
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Here is the Youtube link to my issue and  Dump and Project Dropbox folder link.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

1. For us to clarify the problem, we need you to do a simple test in your Cartoon Animator. please use the Face Puppet to check if it happens. after the testing, please let us know if the same problem will occur with the Face Puppet.

"Menu > Animation > Face Puppet > Record"

2. Please capture a screen video about this issue, put it on the YouTube, and add the link in your next comment.

3. Please provide your crash dump file to help us identify the problem.

No error message when app stops working, download the zip file with the link below, inside the zip you can find the description about how to generate the crash dump.

When the AP crashes, If an error message pops up:
Step1: Please do not close the error message
Step2: Open the Task Manager
Step3: Click the "Processes" tab
Step4: Right-click on the "CTA AP"
Step5: Click the "Create dump file"

4. Please provide your ".ctProject" file to help us identify the problem.

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and add the link in your next comment. you can use private comment if you want to keep it private.

Your help is highly appreciated.

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