Character Creator 3
Issue 5666
CT8 Pipeline to CC3 does not work Appearance editor CC3 does not work
i like all other users am unable to preform the photo to character pipeline because CC3 does not accept RL Heads sent from CT8. This renders the application (CC3) useless for puposes we used it for. ie turning real characters into a 3d character.

Also the appearance editor does not work at all with CC3 characters.

We have noted the suggested work arounds but they also prove useless or time consuming. Workarounds are not the solution for people with limited time to produce a product.

please advise if these issues will be fixed in the short term. we are now in a position where we need to decide whether to move to other software or not. i,we, are loyal realusion clients but we must now think about the issues and ongoing problems and limitations of CC3, CT8 and iClone 7.

hardware minimum GTX 1070,s

best wishes and hoping for a positive responce.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byrichard666