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Breast bones created backwards and would not hold corrections
I followed the AccurRIG video very closing (multiple times), and every time I got to check motion, I ended up with a twisted rubber character. Eventually, I found my mistakes in perfecting the placement of the joints and the bones they produced, and he got much better... but still not usable... I opened a CC3+ Character and took some snaps of his bones from all perspectives. I realized that the L & R Breast bones were created backwards and placed in the center of his body in line with his spine.

(Also, your mini views of joint positions should always include both angles, many do not.)

When I corrected them forward to his nipples, and turned him front view, they had shifted together to the middle center of his chest.

When I pulled them apart to each breast nipple, they snapped back to the inside for his check.

I played this game over and over, very frustrating. I think I hit a lock but before they began to cooperate, but once in place his motion form was corrected, but he looked like a flat innertube doing them. When I saw what it would take for me to complete him... I gave up, because buying him was supposed to save me time... AccuRig is a nice tool, but, but clearly there is a mesh around every bone, and if carefully placed, the AI should be able to weight him correctly, and auto adjust for collision.

However, the easy solution to the original reversal breast bug, is to provide us with joint markers for the rib and nipples, to cover male and female humanoids.

I have returned Max to Turbosquid, but for you testing purposes I have his FBX file you want the model to play with.

Good Luck, there is a lot of promise in this tool,
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Submitted bytuck_160225
I re-did a test and the left and right rib and breasts were assigned correctly, however still very far from the exterior mesh of the character, as in Caleb, but in may not matter and it was a simple adjustment. 

I still ended up with and inner tube character which would require a lot additional tuning of skin weights and movement work... for the really brilliant abilities in your software I decided to go the modify route to my Pixar style character. 

Thanks for your patience. 
that may have been what I hit to get them to stay... but how does that explain the reversed creation... I did not do back and recreate the bones at that point. Also as a new user I had no idea where they belonged until I went and looked at Cabeb's bones, that was a huge help. 

To me to real solution is to give the user three more markers to place... apparently only we know where our character's nipples and ribs are. For Max, I literally had to move all of the markers... feet and knees were in torso, etc, which I did mind once I had had Caleb's bones for a model. But when I saw his deflated arms, legs and body moving around and what it would take to fix part of him I quit on AccuRig.   

Again, I have the FBX if you'd like to try it.
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Hi Tuck,

The position adjustment of the breast bones can work appropriately after you  can turn off the "Midpoint Placement".