iClone 7
Released in 7.8
Issue 5247
Bones get named differently when exporting from IClone or CC3
I created a character in CC3 incl. game base and LODs. Then I send that character to IClone, create an animation and export the clothed character as fbx. Btw, here it would be nice to have the option of exporting without textures because I just want ta have the animation.

So in Unity it is not possible for me to use the animation on the previously exported CC3 character. I cant use the function "use Avatar fron other Character" as well. Wich would be nice to share skeletons if my Character is seperated in several FBX files.

The main problem I see is that the bones are renamed in IClone after export. Please check this issue urgently. Thanks!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byKareeem
I'm having the same issue. I recorded facial animation in iClone, using a CC3 character, exported using Unreal settings. I imported my character into Unreal after exporting from either CC3 or iClone, but when trying to import the animations using the same skeleton only the mouth moves and all the blends such as the eyebrows etc do not animate(no blend curves are imported)(this was also running the animation file through Maya to rename the root bone since iClone is renaming root bones now for some reason)

Game engines need bone naming consistency. Please address this ASAP. Bone names should NEVER change from CC3 to iClone to Maya to Unreal. When bones are renamed, it breaks connections with blend shapes, skinning, and other input connections.

I did find a workaround which was forcing the animation to import by importing iClone export onto my existing skeleton, when it gives me the error that my skeleton doesn't match, would I like to regenerate the skeleton, I do that, and the animation works, but this is a scary option, because we have body animations that rely on the skeleton as well. (We are masking animations for different parts of the body in the Animation Blueprint; necessary for the application we are building). 

TLDR; Naming is changed from "cc_base_baseroot" to "root" somewhere in exporting/importing/sending to iClone from CC3 and should NEVER happen because it breaks for game related use.

This is something that needs immediate attention, please elevate the issue.