Character Creator 4
Released in 4.3
Issue 9346
Avatar import from CC3 to CC4 problem with 4K resolution
I have a question, I can't find a solution.

I have made several CC3+ avatars, originally created in Character Studio 3.44. All my characters are saved with 4K textures. When I open them in CC3, the textures are correct in 4K resolution.

When I open them in Character Creator 4.2, the program performs an irreversible conversion of all 4K textures to 2K, minimizing the actual degradation of the textures. When I try to open them in the modify/appearance/activate editor and switch them from 2K to 4K, the textures are weathered, but from 2K, so they are really degraded. This is a serious problem. I haven't found a way to import them into CC4 to keep them at 4K. The only option is to save the textures in a CC3 program and upload them to the character in CC4, then they are again in 4K without degradation.

This is the case for only some characters that are created and saved in 4K in CC3.

Can you please help me with where I'm having a problem, and how to proceed correctly, or is this some unfixed bug in Character Creator 4? I want to move fully into CC4.2, and this is holding me back.

Thank you very much for your help, if necessary I will add any information
Martin Reznicek
OS: Windows 11
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