Character Creator 3
Issue 5539
Alpha Injection Masks for Clothing
Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add an Alpha Injection Mask to the list of exported textures. I would like for there to be a black and white map showing which sections of the character texture are hidden by each clothing item (black for hidden, white for visible). This allows us to cutout parts of the mesh behind the clothing to prevent it from clipping through. The reason why the "Delete Hidden Mesh" option is not enough is that the change is permanent and does not allow clothing to be disabled or else have an invisible character. Having an option to export alpha injection masks would allow us to disable and enable clothing.

As of now, it is necessary to export 2 versions of the character, one with the "Delete Hidden Mesh" and one without. Then, we are still left with the problem of finding on our own which sections of the texture are hidden and which aren't. Would adding an option to export Alpha Injection Masks be possible? I understand that not everyone would need this level of customization which is why it should be an option. Thank you very much.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bychadfranklin47