Character Creator 3
Issue 7975
Add multiple characters for posing together within a single instance of CC3 Pipeline
The ability to import multiple other characters created within CC3 within a single running instance for posing would be an incredible asset. This feature could be exclusive to the pipeline edition, for those that don't have iclone and may not be entirely interested in live animation but just posing.
This feature would further encourage people to switch over to CC3 for art references and posing, as opposed to Daz and other software, without the hindrance of purchasing a live animation software, which is excessive for their particular needs. This bridging-of-the-gap could greatly help build Reallusion's customer base even further as more people will be willing to invest in what they need without second guessing buying a software that does more than they'll use.
Adding other characters for posing can also open up the option to market CC3 as an all purpose character creator *and* full fledged multi-character poser - drawing in more attention from people across industries.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymdfarr