Issue 8854
AccuRig to Iclone/CC
Good day reallusion and thanks for providing character auto rig for all engine. Please i have some suggestions which goes as follows:

1. Add "Send to AccuRig" button into iclone and CC: Please kindly add "send to Accurig" button under modify tab into iclone and CC because of character not to lose facial rigging upon importing to AccuRig. [Check Image below for reference].

2. Add "Send to Iclone or CC" button into AccuRig: Don't forget to also add this into accurig as well so as to keep the character original texture and facial rigging upon sending back to either iclone or CC.


If it's possible to add "UPDATE button" so that whenever the charcter was send to AccuRig from either CC or Iclone, we could just update it in Accurig and take effect immediately in CC/ICLONE. (same as CC to Zbrush pipeline).

3. AccuRig Facial Rigging: As you add full body rigging, accurig is still missing facial rigging to make everything more perfect. I created this character in CC and send to AccuRig for better rigging, now upon sending back to iclone/CC via iVatar, the character lose the facial rigging and also the original texture. See video here>>

4. More Joint: Kindly add "More joint" button incase of character that has different model method, we could just add the joint to specific area.

5. Prop Rigging: This will be more awesome if prop rigging too can be added for different props.

Thanks for your creative idea all the time.
OS: Windows 10
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