iClone 7
Issue 8367
API Expansion
May you please please please extend the API to allow for more freedoms on using the API by exposing more areas. After you've paid thousands of dollars into software it starts to get upsetting and annoying that you cannot write custom shaders or add interactivity like when a particle system collides with something trigger an action or other particles system etc. i.e: Fire a laser and when it hits something trigger a sparks particle system. Otherwise you have to manually do this over and over again.

Expand it to use PopcornFX V2 for particle system.

Also though you have a great library of shaders please allow people to write custom shaders. Add node base like Blender.

Expand the API so you can manipulate the virtual world more and write custom functionality.

I am a software engineer venturing into 3D animated cinema/film/movies and wish to use iClone + CC for ALL my cinematic work but it lacks freedom to be able to achieve this.

Cheers, Andy.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymongoose666