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7.4 is unstable
7.4 is unstable if I have a project of 2 mil polygons, save it, and then want to render, it crashes. After a restart of the program it does render
It also crashes when you select everything in the timeline of a character and press delete.
When you scroll in the time line and immediately scroll the other way it crashes

This is what happens to me, there will probably be more issues I have not encountered yet, iclone use to be very stable for me, until 7.4
I already reinstalled curve editor as suggested but to no avail
OS: Windows 10
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I'm running 7.4.2426.1 Pipeline with updated Curve Editor.  My iClone crashes at "saving undoreo data" each time I close one project and open another.
I have to agree.
Iclone 7.4 is also very unstable with Icloen 7.3.
If I edit a movement and with the command "Break" shortly crashes IClone.
If I work longer with IClone 7.4 on a project
and then want to take back a case - crashes IClone 7.4.
Render is only possible in sections (synonymous with projects that were to render normal with IClone 7.3) I can no longer render from frame 1 - 1800 in one piece. I have to render with IClone 7.4 from 1- 900 and then from 901 - 1800 otherwise crash IClone 7.4.
It does not matter if Gi light is used or not.
I could give you more examples.

Apart from the PX-Popcorn-PlugIn I have no RL plugins installed (no Curve Editor, no IRay-PlugIn). It can not be so.
Also on the hardware nothing was changed. (Nivida 1060 GPU (6 GB), the graphics card driver is new I 7 processor with 24 GB of RAM.

Greets from Germany
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Hi Postfrosch´╝î

Please download registry from below link,double-click "IC7-CC3-Rov-OFF-2",and render gain. 

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