iClone 7
Issue 5527
7.4 is unstable
7.4 is unstable if I have a project of 2 mil polygons, save it, and then want to render, it crashes. After a restart of the program it does render
It also crashes when you select everything in the timeline of a character and press delete.
When you scroll in the time line and immediately scroll the other way it crashes

This is what happens to me, there will probably be more issues I have not encountered yet, iclone use to be very stable for me, until 7.4
I already reinstalled curve editor as suggested but to no avail
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byRottadamic
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how, I completely missed the request for a file. 
well, I have not had this issue in a long time now, maybe it was a file problem ore a bug that got fixed in an update. 
anyways i went back to old problem files and the problem did not happen.....
I cant understand your complains. As im doing an iclone-movie with large Projects (5-8 mil pol), i cant understand you at all. even long scenes (about 5-20 minutes) i can render without any issues.
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Hi Rottadamic Movies,

Can you provide your project file of 2 mil polygons to us?

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Hi Rottadamic Movies,

Please provide your project file of 2 mil polygonsto help us identify the problem.

Attach this files in your next comment. If the file size is larger than 10MB, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private.

I found out that if you do the render qualitie in preview, it will not crash
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