3DXchange 7
Released in 7.2
Issue 3672
3d exchange character setup simply totally broken (blender fbx)
I have read the other issues but they are not giving full information and its not just the animations its the entire convert system. This is also using blender.

firstly this character is working inside iclone 7 previously and it works perfectly in 3dexchange6

when you import and assign the bones it the animation does not play you then hit convert and go back into convert again and the character is gone except for the skeleton. If i erase this information and apply a profile from the identical character already inside iclone the information applies and the character reappears but flips the character upside down except for 1 leg..

If however I import the character and simply apply the old iclone 7 profile from the previous version the character works and converts

I was having issues with the previous version if the 3dexchange except if i used limbnode inside blender then the character would transfer.

here is a link to the profile that is working already from iclone 7 - set up in the previous version of 3dexchange.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byurbanlamb
okay the file was sent i went through the tracker to find an email address sorry it took so long.  

..and just in case you can get the info from here this is the character  
In order to get it to work inside iclone 7 I had to import the model into 3dexchange 6.  Do the bones export it from there as an Iclone 6 file and import it into 3dexchange7 and do the expression set up from there.     
Can you please give me an email address this is my own custom work not meant for distribution on the internet.   :) 
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Please provide the blender fbx file to help us identify the problem.

Your help is highly appreciated.