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Step. 5 Hint & Tips

1. Modify and reassemble components for creating new style
All facial components and accessories can be transformed, rotated and scaled according to your liking. Use the dummy to rotate or re-scale because these animation-ready components are embedded with animation data.
Before       After
2. Get design idea from your content library
To expand your creation for more unique characters, you can take advantage of various accessories from your content library, such as Mr. Pose Accessories Kit. It is recommended to combine another Avatar Toolkit Series: Monster Workshop for more assembly fun. If you want to create your own puppet-able accessories, you can purchase Avatar Toolkit 2 and enjoy the thrill of creation. (Monster Workshop has been upgraded and repacked simultaneously when Toon Maker is released.)
Know more of the control detail, modifying existing accessories, or creating your own puppet accessories, check Avatar Toolkit2 Manual
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