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Step. 4 Spring Effects

There are 9 accessories with embedded spring, which allow you to do passive spring effects while moving. You can also puppet them with Puppet Controller. Here is how it works:
1. For those accessories with embedded spring, there is a spring icon shown on its thumbnail. All spring effects are deactivated in default so you can puppet them directly.
2. Puppet these accessories by following the same methods as you puppet any other accessories. The Spring effects can be turned on/off under Modify window. You can use the timeline to edit when you want to turn on/off the Spring effects.
3. For some accessories have more than one bone structure, you may keep partial bones with spring effects while puppet other bones at the same time. Take Clown Hat as example: Select Clown Hat from Scene Manager. Open its hierarchy and select the mesh layer. Go to Modify to select the springs you want to activate (Bone_01-1 to Bone_06-1).
4. Apply a motion and you will see the lower level of stripes have spring effects. Puppet and record the upper level of stripes as you want. Play to see the result.
Note: You can not puppet control the accessories while the Spring Effects is activated.
Know more of the control detail, modifying existing accessories, or creating your own puppet accessories, check Avatar Toolkit2 Manual
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