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    Unlimited Combinations

Special Features
Personalized Facial Expression: Athletic
Personalized Facial Expression: Curvy
Personalized Facial Expression: Junior
Personalized Facial Expression: Stout
Inside The Box: Content Review

What's included:

  • Character Bases x 4
    Athletic, Curvy, Stout, Junior
  • Facial Feature x 33
    Eyes, Eyebrows, Ears, Beard and Nose.
  • Character Accessories x 34
    Hair and Accessories.
  • Outfit x 25
    Upper, Lower and Shoes.
  • Character Profiles x 4 (separate installer)
  • Avatar Puppet Controller ( separate installer)  

What's Not included:

  • Avatar Builder
    The Avatar Builder allows you to define the animation properties of your own controller UI. To know more about Avatar Builder, please click here.
Puppet Controller
Simply drag the Puppet Controller into the stage window in order to control your character's facial expressions and adjust, in great detail - its eyes, eyebrows, ears, and other accessories.
Product: Avatar Toolkit Series - Toon Maker

Powered by the newly released iClone plug-in tool: Avatar Toolkit2, Toon Maker is a revolutionary add-on character pack for cartoon production. This pack includes dozens of animation-ready avatar components, which allow you to assemble your cartoon characters and puppet them anyway you like. With the Avatar Toolkit2 Puppet Controller, you can make full and partial facial expressions and animate various accessories quickly and easily, while maintaining a dynamic and professional result.

Animation Ready Avatar Components with Countless Combinations

This pack includes 4 cartoon character bases: Athletic, Curvy, Stout and Junior, in addition to numerous animation-ready avatar components such as eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose, hairs and many other accessories, each with its own different forms and characteristics. You can use them to create a countless combination of personalized characters. Freely move, scale, and rotate all of these components anyway you like to shape your character's own special look.

Comprehensive Controller for Face & Accessories

The Avatar Toolkit2 Puppet Controller integrates facial and accessory puppet controls into a single panel, which allows you not only to puppet individual components but also to define and puppet full facial expressions including facial and mouth movements. You can animate and record any facial expression or puppetable accessory using real-time puppet or keyframe methods.

Personalized Expressions for each Character

All four Base Characters have morph-based head systems, including personal facial morph data and viseme shapes. You will see subtle differences when you puppet each individual character. There are four facial puppet profiles included in this pack that you can select from the iClone Facial Puppet panel. Like standard iClone characters, they also work perfectly with automatic audio Lip-Sync.

A New Era of Toon Animation for iClone

The Reallusion Content Team is dedicated to elevating the quality and performance of iClone content. With Toon Maker, we’ve reduced the face count of the characters and enhanced the textures with normal maps to refine the visual quality and performance.

Thanks to the open hierarchy and customizable accessory builder in the Avatar Toolkit2, many of our developers will be joining in to create more Toon base characters and puppet-ready accessories. A new era of toon animation is coming to iClone!

Author : Reallusion
File size : 68.2 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!