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Step 4 Voice Lip-Sync

All 3 Base Characters have morph-based head systems, including personal facial morph data and viseme shapes. Use them for automatic audio Lip-Sync or fine-tuning mouth movement.

1. Voice Lip-Sync: Go to Animation>Facial Animation>Modify and you can choose either record or import an audio file, or use text-to-speech to bring in audio for lip-sync animation.

2.Fine-tuning mouth movement: Go to Animation > Facial Animation>Modify and open the Puppet button in Facial Edit. There are 3 Monster facial profiles included in this pack (as bonus in separate installer), select the desired profile to do facial adjustment.

Both iClone standard Face Puppet panel and Avatar Toolkit Puppet Controller can create facial animations for your Monster character. However, it will superpose your character’s facial animation data if you use both ways at the same time.