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Step 1. Assemble Monsters

How to assemble monster characters and change their materials

1. Go to Actor > Avatar and drag a monster base onto the stage.

2. Go to Actor > Accessories and double click to put accessories onto the monster’s base. If you wish to have puppet control over accessories, please choose parts from the puppet directory.

3. After applying the body components, you can change their materials if needed.

4. Go to the Scene Manager and select the body components. Then load a material from Media>Material>Monster Workshop and select the corresponding body part from the material folders.

5. Done.

6. Or you can go to the Material & Texture Settings to change its color by picking a color and then painting on the new component.

7. Moreover, you may also change the character’s color. Go to the Scene Manger to select the Avatar, and then go to Skin > Modify to change the body's color.

8. Drag in an accessory to your base character and it will automatically apply to a default location. You can freely transform, scale, or rotate the body parts on your monster to create a new look. Alternatively, you can place the body parts anywhere by attaching them to different body segments to change their functions. 

For example, you can place a tail on the monster's head as head gear. In order to get the tail to move along with the head, please attach it to the head bone instead of it's default pelvis bone.

You can also transform or rotate the eyes and brows to stylize your character look even further.

Before After

9. To see more detailed tutorials on how to change materials and color please go here.