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Here you can find many interview stories of whom apply iClone/CrazyTalk in different areas like moviemaking, education, or content development.
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Garry Pye

Caricaturist, Illustrator, CrazyTalk Animator and Content Developer

I do a lot of caricature work and have built up an enormous portfolio of cartoon illustrations, as all my work is hand-drawn and then colored using software. So I have every sketch and doodle I have ever created. Though my main focus has always been illustration, my secret passion is animation.

Category:Featured Developer

- On CrazyTalk: " When I started with CrazyTalk Animator I only used vector props. I love vector props because of their minimalist look. "

Walter Rouzer

Creating Educational Stories with CrazyTalk

Integrating CrazyTalk videos into my PowerPoint presentations has enabled me to awe student audiences and help motivate them to not only want to read more, but additionally inspire them to embrace computer technology like CrazyTalk.

Category:Featured Artist

- On CrazyTalk: " he criteria I used in determining which one to embrace was based on ease of use, the estimated quality of my end product, and affordability."

Zach Shelton

Create Motion Comics using CrazyTalk Animator

Zach Shelton, director, Willow Road Animation met us at Reallusion's ComicCon booth in 2011 and shared their story of coming to Comic-Con and how CrazyTalk Animator played a big role in their film.

Category:Featured Artist

- On CrazyTalk: " CrazyTalk really come through for us and "saved our butts'. We really wouldn't have been able to premiere without it. Its absolutely amazing!"


Creative Content Developer for CrazyTalk Animator

I love to create, no matter what it is, a drawing, a space, a melody, an object, a character. I think this makes me happy and gives meaning to my life.

Category:Featured Developer

- On CrazyTalk: "I can say I'm a newbie using CTA but I've seen everything that can be achieved and that encourages me to do more, to experiment, to imagine and create.

Veronica Vinyl

Get Awesome Inside CrazyTalk Animator

I am an artist, writer, and performer. Formerly a professional Drag Queen and screen writer working in LA as well as book and magazine illustrator...

Category:Featured Artist

- On CrazyTalk: "t seems to me however chances are the programmers for CrazyTalk probably have already thought of what you might be up to and designed the path to make it happen."

David Arandle

Artist, Web Designer, Writer, Animator and Video Creator

My business, Art Time Productions, initially provided Graphic and Web Design services but currently focuses on creating Business Explainer videos for clients world wide. Though my main focus has always been illustration, my secret passion is animation.

Category:Featured Director

- On CrazyTalk: "It's puppet based animation system seemed like a quicker way to get my own artwork animated. I also liked how easy it was to turn photographic images into animated characters too.... "

10 items in 1 page DATA Pages
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