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Here you can find many interview stories of whom apply iClone/CrazyTalk in different areas like moviemaking, education, or content development.
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Garry Pye

Caricaturist, Illustrator, CrazyTalk Animator and Content Developer

I do a lot of caricature work and have built up an enormous portfolio of cartoon illustrations, as all my work is hand-drawn and then colored using software. So I have every sketch and doodle I have ever created. Though my main focus has always been illustration, my secret passion is animation.

Category:Featured Developer

- On CrazyTalk: " When I started with CrazyTalk Animator I only used vector props. I love vector props because of their minimalist look. "

Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

A Passionate Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, and Businessman

After my high school studies I studied fine art for a year, and used myself animation skills to work as a Graphic designer/ Animator at an advertising agency. There I made animatics to demostrate TV ad concepts to clients.

Category:Featured Studio

- On CrazyTalk: "With the new features that now come with CTA, (like the above mentioned motion capture) animating professional adverts will be as easy as moving your body (now all Totally2d studio needs are dancers.)"


Creative Content Developer for CrazyTalk Animator

I love to create, no matter what it is, a drawing, a space, a melody, an object, a character. I think this makes me happy and gives meaning to my life.

Category:Featured Developer

- On CrazyTalk: "I can say I'm a newbie using CTA but I've seen everything that can be achieved and that encourages me to do more, to experiment, to imagine and create.

Major Bergman

Bring the Characters in Fairy Tales to Life

My goal is to create characters that cope with the proportions of a CTA actor (big head, small body) and still look realistic to the viewer. Goblins don’t seem realistic in our normal perception, but if we put them in the world of myths and legends…!

Category:Featured Developer

- On CrazyTalk: "I first heard about Reallusion because of a picture in the gallery on The “Just Michael” portrait contained in the content library of CrazyTalk 6. Later 3 image packs for CrazyTalk followed."

Julien Tromeur

The 1st Content Developer for CrazyTalk Animator

I'm a 3D artist living in Paris. I have been doing graphics professionnally for 12 years, both as an employee and as a freelancer. My main thing is cartoon characters, with a preference for goofy ones......

Category:Featured Studio

- On CrazyTalk: "In the recent released CrazyTalk Animator, Julien Tromuer has once again worked with Reallusion and presents the all new CrazyTalk Animator Avatar- DigiDudes!"

10 items in 1 page DATA Pages
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