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Walter Rouzer

Walter Rouzer, is a graphic artist who has penned a teen-oriented book, punctuating his presentations with animations, puns, and a peek into newspaper production.

About two years ago, Rouzer published a book that was spun out of his newspaper setting. "Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers" came to life after a coworker suggested that he write a book that capitalized on his pun-spinning tendencies.

Rouzer's classroom presentations embraced all those topics in order to spotlight communication skills and careers in the fast-changing industry.

Creating Educational Stories with CrazyTalk

Q: Tell us a bit about why you chose to write adventure novels, and what is your main inspiration behind them?

Adventure stories fascinate and can empower us to dream up new possibilities and ideas to explore. In essence, life is an adventure; and reading widens the breadth and scope of our experience. This is my inspiration for writing.

Q: You eventually started using CrazyTalk in your interactive presentations, how did you discover CrazyTalk?

I did a thorough search and investigation of practically every computer animation software program available on the market. The criteria I used in determining which one to embrace was based on ease of use, the estimated quality of my end product, and affordability. Reallusion's animation software, in my opinion, placed highest in all three categories. Their online product training videos and ease of use software enabled me to start producing my own educational and book character videos in a very short period of time. CrazyTalk enabled me to produce a phenomenal end product at a very low cost.

Q: What is the advantage of using CrazyTalk in storytelling and education?

Integrating CrazyTalk videos into my PowerPoint presentations has enabled me to awe student audiences and help motivate them to not only want to read more, but additionally inspire them to embrace computer technology like CrazyTalk. I received many letters from students thanking me for the enjoyment they received from watching the life-like on screen characters made possible by CrazyTalk. I received inquiries from teacher and student alike on which software I used to achieve the animation.

Q: Tell us about your current projects, and how schools and youth groups can benefit by working with you?

I'm currently fine-tuning some presentations I delivered to schools in the past. CrazyTalk is a key product in making it possible to deliver high quality on stage fiction characters that I can program to appear as if they are interacting with me and the audience.


My main purpose is in creating a spellbinding reading motivational presentation that will inspire kids not only to read more but make them want to create their own stories and animation as well. These presentations will create and increase awareness and demand for adventure books, and practical software as well.

To learn more about Walter Rouzer's work visit his website, and his page to check out some of the adventure books he offers.

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