User Showcase - Body Animation
The iClone Animation Pipeline brings iClone closer to the world of CG and game development. We have selected some awesome showcases from our veteran developers, demonstrating how the iClone Animation Pipeline can enhance multiple CG and game projects.

Video: Bring iClone Content into UDK World
Author: Tom Jantol

Tom imported several characters and creatures into the Unreal environment. With beautiful scenes rendered inside the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), Tom stretches the limit with the iClone Animation Pipeline. In this video, you'll find out how the Pipeline can help you bring iClone content into the UDK to create visual styles you've never seen before.

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Video: Create & Export your own Game Characters
Author: Alemar

Alemar uses several props in iClone to assemble and design his own unique characters. After characterizing in 3DXcahnge5 with just a few clicks, Alemar paints his character in 3D Coat and then brings it back to 3DXchange5 to add motions. In the end, he exports the character to Copper Cube game engine to create his Big Hat Boy game.

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Video: Create Gorf Game Demo Using Cooper Cube
Author: Vidi

In this video, Vidi shows us how to edit motions and export them for use in Copper Cube. With this clear step-by-step tutorial you can learn how to use iClone characters and motions to create your own games. In the end, Vidi also shows us his first online game with Gorf interacting with objects to complete a stage level!

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Video: Import DAZ Characters for Epic Action Movie
Author: Toko Motion Studio

Toko Motion Studio has created this epic robot fight movie. In this project, they imported content from Google Sketchup and DAZ, to animate in iClone. This video shows us how you can enrich your productions by importing content with the iClone Animation Pipeline. Also, notice how the toon render effects in iClone help stylize this video.

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Video: Animate DAZ Characters in iClone
Author: Warlord

The ingenious iClone creator, Warlord, shows us his creativity in this pipeline demo video. Not only did he convert non-Genesis DAZ characters to iClone non-standard characters, but he also demonstrates how these characters can be compatible with iClone motions, and the Motion Puppet, to create epic scenes in iClone.

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