CharacterGenerate Real-time Optimized CG Characters
Create 3D heads from 2D photos, select from a variety of 3D character base models and customize character clothing. Generate a multitude of character appearances with body-style and facial morphing features.
Face & Body Customization
Employ awesome facial & body deformations to morph the same characters into different styles. Use powerful face shaping controls to fine-tune facial features such as eyes, brows, cheeks, chin, lips and nose. Choose from an extensive library of 3D actor themes such as fantasy characters, action heroes, professional office personnel and everyday people. Then select the starting body shape and morph to - slim, strong, average, miniature or cartoon-like.
Clothing Templates for Character Designs
CloneCloth introduces powerfully simple custom clothing for iClone CloneCloth actors with the use of any image editor to shape and decorate custom designs. Dual-layer CloneCloth actors feature outer garments that have the ability to reveal inner skin when the garments are cut to fit.