ConversionConvert Characters & Motions for any Design Tool
Convert existing characters into action-ready actors with iClone's motion capture and editing tools. Access a massive library of real-time optimized props, characters, and motions. Import, animate and export FBX, OBJ, 3DS, & SKP files.
Character Conversion
  • Characterize any actor via FBX format
  • Use preset templates for one-click bone mapping
  • Employ over 56 bones for custom body and hand bone mapping
  • Export FBX to any desired tool with adaptive settings
  • Combine character sculpting & painting with multiple tools
Motion Conversion
  • Characterize any motion via FBX and BVH formats
  • Adapt motions to your characters with seamless mapping
  • Use T-Pose & Motion adjustments for best results
  • Speed up production with multiple & batch motion process
  • Apply live motion preview via online Marketplace
Prop Conversion
  • Free access to unlimited online assets in SketchUp 3D Warehouse
  • Convert any prop for use in set and stage via OBJ format
  • Create ready-for-animation objects with group (node), pivot & alignment setting
  • Built-in Material & UV refinement tools