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iClone 3D Character Animation for Unreal Live Link

The Unreal Live Link Plug-in for iClone creates a system for characters, lights, cameras, and animation for Unreal Engine. The simplicity of iClone combined with Unreal Engine rendering delivers a digital human solution to create, animate and visualize superior real-time characters. The Unreal Live Link Plug-in for iClone removes the tedious FBX file import/export process and seamlessly sends iClone characters to Unreal with automated character shaders and skeleton setup. Discover a powerful new way to create facial expressions and talking animations with intuitive puppet panels and multi-device mocap recording with streamlined plug-and-play setup.
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Reallusion Awarded MegaGrant from Epic Games

Thanks to the Epic MegaGrants, Reallusion now provides a complete character creation and animation pipeline to Unreal Engine for indies and studios of every size to realize digital humans.         Indie Free >       Pitch & Produce >

For iClone users, Live Link bridges work in iClone to Unreal Engine to produce exceptional visuals featuring RTX Real-time Ray Tracing. Use the existing and familiar iClone tools to operate and animate in Unreal. For Unreal users, Utilize iClone's vast character and animation assets to quickly generate fully-rigged custom characters and animated them with specialized motion editing tools.

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One-Click Asset Transfer

  • Build a data chain between iClone and Unreal Engine via the iClone Live Link plug-in. Animate in iClone, and simultaneously see the real-time render in Unreal Engine.
  • Direct transfer of iClone characters, lights, and cameras without FBX import/export.
  • Select and send multiple items through a friendly, progressive workflow.
  • Use the iClone Origin gizmo to quickly position all iClone assets in an Unreal scene.
unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link asset transfer

Supports All Major Character Standards

  • The same iClone animations can be used on characters made with different 3D tools.
  • iClone's MotionPlus format keeps facial morphs and skeletal animation in one file, for a single animation format that can be reused on all characters.
  • Native iClone and Character Creator format support, with Auto Setup script for fast Digital Human shader assignment in Unreal.
  • Import custom humanoid FBX or


    characters to iClone through the Character Creator characterization pipeline.
unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link character

Transfer Cameras & Lights

  • Conveniently direct the cinematography Unreal by manipulating iClone's camera and light systems.
  • Create, transfer and edit iClone Directional Light, Point Light, and Spotlight for Unreal
  • Select iClone cameras and sync control with Unreal cameras directly from iClone.
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unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link transfer camera light

Transfer Props

  • One-click transfer to the designated spot in Unreal scene.
  • Static props, non-human creatures, and skin-bone props are all transferable.
  • Live Link also works for non-human creatures or skin-bone props.
  • PBR material and SSS shader can also be sent to Unreal and get further adjustment.
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Automated Digital Human Shader Assignment

  • Automatically assign digital human shaders from iClone characters to Unreal; removes manual work of shader assignment.
  • 3 shader types are available: Standard (PBR), LW (Lightweight), and HQ (High Quality) Digital Human.
  • Use default HQ shader for imported CC Characters - the skin, teeth, hair, eyes are assigned through advanced Blueprints for adjustment and fine-tuning.
  • Store AO, and Roughness textures into RGBA channels for optimized file size.
  • PBR shaders are applied to cloth, accessories, and non-CC characters.

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unreal animation - live link auto character setup - character design from Hossein Diba

Digital Human Shader Transfer & Parameter Mapping

  • Shader effetcs including Skin, Eye (Tear Line & Occlusion Mesh), Hair, and SSS effect are transferable to Unreal Engine. (Smart Hair Shader)
  • Shader parameters between iClone & Unreal are well matched.
  • Be able to further fine-tune for great result in Unreal.

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Automatic Skeletal Mapping

  • When a CC Character is transferred from iClone to Unreal Engine, the Live Link plug-in automatically processes the skeletal mapping and bone renaming in UE4.
  • Supports Epic IK-bone standard with additional Hand Bones for weapon-holding animations, and Root IK bones for locomotion control.
  • Enhanced content compatibility between the Character Creator and Unreal Asset Stores. CC characters can use UE4 motions, and UE4 characters can use iClone Motions.


Cloth Physics Transfer

  • Identical Cloth Physics behaviors in iClone and Unreal with NVIDIA PhysX Compatibility.
  • iClone Physics Weight Paint can be sent to Unreal counterpart.
  • Soft Cloth Physics properties are all transferable and mapped in Unreal.

Character Collision Mesh Transfer

  • Built-in editable Collision Shapes in CC & iClone characters.
  • Physics effective ranges are defined by weight map, and can be easily tested with selected motion.
  • Collision Mesh can be transferred via Live Link or FBX export to Unreal.

Prop PBR Material & SSS Shader Transfer (New for v1.2)

  • Library of SSS effects are available for props.
  • Be able to have detailed shader adjustment, and the transferred props would keep the same SSS shader properties in Unreal.


Professional Animations from an Extensive iClone Motion Library

  • Access thousands of professional motion clips that are activated with a single click.
  • Discover popular animation genres including fantasy, modern life, mechanical, sports and more.
  • Smoothly blend carefully choreographed animation clips into custom sequences.

Intuitive Motion Editing

  • Intuitive pose adjustments using HumanIK (Autodesk MotionBuilder technology)
  • Smoothly refine motion clips with iClone's Motion Layer Editor.
  • Direct character eye gaze through Look constraints.
  • Supports floor contact for optimal hand/feet ground relation.
  • Easy object interaction through Reach Target constraints.

Facial Animation - Expression and Lipsync

  • 60 facial morphs for unmatched facial precision of mouth, cheek, and eyes. Compatible with professional face-tracking specifications (Faceware, iPhone)
  • Audio lip sync turns human voice files into talking animations. Use timeline editing for viseme strength and lips, jaw and tongue smoothness refinement.
  • Facial Puppet generates vivid facial animations from mouse movements. Enhance with emotives and gender profiles.
  • Three levels of face key editing - facial muscle, expression presets, blend shape sliders.

Synchronous Multi-Device Motion Capture

  • Live-performance capture for face, body, and fingers.
  • Simultaneously capture the motion data streamed from different hardware and save data in separate motion tracks for further editing.
  • Single interface for Live preview animation -Start / Stop data recording.
  • Motion Masking & Multi-pass Recording - only add facial expressions, or blend different body motions by masking unwanted body parts.

Animate Skin-bone Props

  • Live Link also works for non-human creatures or skin-bone props.
  • Synchronous update for animation editing and playback.


Control Directional, Point Light & Spotlight

  • Quickly transfer iClone lights and easily control Unreal lighting directly from iClone interface.
  • Adjustable Lighting Parameters include - Light Strength, Color, Falloff, Multiplier, Shadow, Transform, and more.
  • Link existing Unreal lights by using the iClone Live Link Blueprint.

Sync Camera FOV, DOF, Filmback & More

  • Transfer multiple iClone cameras to Unreal Engine and sync iClone cameras to Unreal Cine Cameras
  • Adjustable Camera Parameters include - FOV, Filmback, Near-Far Blur Levels.
  • Works with iClone Camera Animations, Curve Editing, and Path / Look At Constraints.


Link Existing Unreal Assets with Live Link Blueprint

  • In addition to control assets transferred from iClone, users can link Unreal created camera, lights, even characters to iClone via Live Link blueprint.
  • The Linked characters should have the identical bone structure, and use the same name.
  • UE4 characters can be send to iClone via Character Creator, once it's characterized, the Unreal character can share all the motion files designed for iClone.

Instant Re-link After Project Saves

  • Once the Live Link pairing projects both in iClone and Unreal are created, easily relink them to continue your production.
  • Transfer more assets from iClone to the same Unreal project as the creation evolves.


Sequence Recording for Unreal Non-linear Editing

  • Real-time play iClone animation to the Unreal Sequencer, and record the character facial morphs, skeletal data, lighting and camera attributes in Unreal playback.
  • Easily generate multiple Unreal Sequences from the same iClone project, an effective workflow for Unreal Non Linear Editing.

Unreal Real-time Render and RTX Raytracing

  • Utilize Unreal Engine as a super real-time renderer for iClone animators.
  • Take advantage of the RTX GPU technology in Unreal and get ray trace output quality at unmatched render speed.

From CG to Film, Unreal Post Process

  • Film look to iClone renders by adding Unreal motion blur, volumetric light, chromatic aberration, fog, lens flare, screen space reflection, bloom and eye adaptation.
  • Apply Unreal Post Process for tonemapping, blendables, post process materials for an advanced render style.

iClone Unreal Live Link Users

*Both existing members and indie free users are eligible to claim the iClone MetaHuman Live Link Kit.

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