Using the Device Mocap Panel (New for 5.1)

iClone offers the most affordable and intuitive motion capture solution in the industry. Now you can use your body to control virtual actors, in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations. Speed up your animations and create realistic-looking motions quickly. You can now literally control actors with your body movements.

Flow chart of the motion data

  1. Microsoft's Kinect Sensor: Captures and passes human body motion data to the mocap device plug-in.
  2. Mocap Device Plug-in (standalone): Receives motion data and passes the data to the mocap device console.
  3. Mocap Device Console in iClone: Receives motion data and applies it to the virtual character.

Please follow the two main steps in order to connect your Microsoft's Kinect Sensor to iClone.

A. Get the Depth Camera Ready

  1. Start the Mocap Device Plug-in. For more information about how to install the Mocap Device Plug-in, please refer to the Installing Mocap Device and Plug-in section.
  2. Click the Connect button to start receiving data from the depth camera.
  3. Face to the depth camera. Strike an "H" pose. For more information about using the plug-in, please refer to the Using Mocap Device Plug-in section.

    Basic H pose

    Recommended H pose - This ensures the best results during motion data capturing.

  4. Hold the pose and wait until the plug-in finishes the count down. Now your motion will be converted into motion data and sent to the plug-in.

B. Receiving Data from Device Mocap Plug-in

  1. Apply and select a character in iClone. It is highly recommended that you Deactivate the Foot Contact feature of the character in order to receive the best foot motions from the Mocap Device Plug-in.
  2. Go to the Animation >> Motion, and click the Device Mocap button in the Modify panel.
  3. Click the Connect button so that iClone connects to the plug-in and starts receiving motion data from it.
  4. Depending on the installed location of your Microsoft's Kinect Sensor you may :
  5. From the dummy panel, select the body parts that you intend to capture motions from. Please refer to the Multi-layer Capturing section for more information.
  6. Click the Preview button and press the Space Bar to preview your real human motions on the virtual character (Shortcut: Space bar).
  7. Click the Record button and press the Space Bar to start recording (Shortcut: Alt + Space bar).


    • If you are using iClone with the Device Mocap Plug-in by yourself, you can use the Body Command feature to start or stop the Preview or Record procedure remotely instead of pressing the Space Bar.
    • Adjust the Smoother slider value so the captured motion will become smoother and eliminate jittering. However, keep in mind that higher smoother values will require more system resources
    • Please note that if you move you limbs closely or overlap them causing occlusion with your torso, then the hands of the virtual character may penetrate its own body. Please keep your limbs away from your body with enough distance to get optimized motion results.

    The hands closely crossed in front of the body.

    The character's hands penetrate the body.

Using the Mocap Device Plug-in with Mirror Mode

By default, the character's body parts use the motion input from your body to move. Therefore, when the character is facing you and you move your right hand, the character will also moves its right hand, which can sometimes be confusing, especially when you need to interact with the props inside of the scene.

Mirror = Off

Activate the Mirror box and then you may control the character as if using a mirror.

Mirror = On