Using the Mocap Device Plug-in (New for 5.1)

  1. Start the Mocap Device Plug-in.
  2. Click the Connect button to connect the plug-in with your Microsoft's Kinect Sensor, and start receiving motion data from it.
  3. Please notice that there are four red icons at the left-top of the preview window. Only when these four icons turn green will the plug-in work properly.
  4. Move away from the sensor about 2.5 to 5 meters. Face the camera. When the camera detects you, then you will see a green dummy which indicates that you need to perform an H pose.

    Your body turns bluish or purple as soon as the plug-in detects you. The first icon will turn green.

  5. After the plug-in calculates the skeleton structure for you, then the second icon turns green.

    Your body parts are framed up with a bone structure.

    Note: Optimize the Skeleton Structure Result

    • If you wish to optimize the control of the virtual character's legs, then it is highly recommended that you squat a little as the green dummy does, so that the length of the thighs and the calves can be precisely calculated.
    • Wrist and Head motions will not be captured as the plug-in only detects forearm and neck movements. However, if your operating system is Microsoft Windows 7 or above, and you have installed the Microsoft's Kinect Sensor, then the wrist and head motions can be detected and captured.

    General detection result.

    Wrists and head motions are detected with Microsoft's Kinect Sensor installed on Microsoft Windows 7 or above.

  6. If you wish to change person, then click the Calibration button and wait for the C icon to turn green.


    • If your operating system is Microsoft Windows 7 or higher and you have installed the Microsoft's Kinect Sensor, then when you click the Camera Calibration button, the sensor will auto-level by itself in case it is not positioned properly.
  7. When the three icons are green, then the plug-in starts to count down. Please hold your pose.

    Hold the pose and wait until the end of the countdown.

  8. After the count down, the OK icon turns green. You may then move your body for the plug-in to capture your motions.

    You can now start to move. Your motions will be captured afterwards.

  9. You may then go to iClone and use the Preview or Record buttons of the Mocap Device Console to receive the motion data from this plug-in.

    Note: Optimize the Captured Results

    • If you are using iClone with Device Mocap Plug-in by yourself, you may use the Body Command feature to start or stop the Preview or Record procedure remotely instead of pressing the Space Bar.
    • If you wish to have the best capture results, then you need to keep your environment or the background as simple and uncluttered as possible. A cluttered environment can cause false detection in the sensor, which generates inappropriate motion data.
    • Gentle but sufficient lighting is highly recommended.
    • Because the reflection of the floor may interfere with the sensitivity of the sensor, please stand on a non-reflective floor or carpet.
    • Do not let things such as furniture obscure any body parts.

Optimizing the Screen View when Working with iClone