Installing Mocap Device and Plug-in (New for 5)

Currently, the market's most popular depth cam is Microsoft's Kinect Sensor (Alternatively, you may consider other depth cam devices like the ones offered by PrimeSense and ASUS Xtion).

You may capture real human motions through the depth camera for characters in iClone, but to capture the best results you need to make sure your device is properly installed.

Installing the Mocap Device - Microsoft's Kinect Sensor

Because of the Microsoft's Kinect Sensor limitations (may be different depending on the brand of the camera), the optimized capturing range of the camera is shown below:

Installing Mocap Device Plug-in

The Mocap Device Plug-in is an application that receives the motion data from your Microsoft's Kinect Sensor and connects it with your iClone. You can get this plug-in from the official Mocap Device Plug-in website.

Benefits of the Mocap Device Plug-in

Installing the Mocap Device Plug-in

  1. Execute the install program (Mocap Device Plug-in_10_Enu.exe) on the computer where the Microsoft's Kinect Sensor is installed.
  2. If you encounter the message below, then please go to the Microsoft download web site to download and install the .Net Framwork 2.0 (or above) on the computer.
  3. Follow the instructions to finish the installation of the Mocap Device Plug-in.
  4. Note:

    • If the computer where you installed the plug-in and the Microsoft's Kinect Sensor is on an intranet, and you wish to share the device with another computer where iClone is installed, then you need to write down the IP address of the shared computer.