Multi-layer Capturing (New for 5)

After installing the Mocap Device Plug-in and getting familiar with it, you can connect your iClone Character to real actors and use their own bodies to control the character's motions; users can even record their character motions directly.

However, you can also use the multi-layer technique to separately record motions for each body part instead of recording a motion with your entire body. This is especially useful when a character has a start pose and you wish to gradually add motions to body parts for various poses such as a news anchor person gesturing with both hands, or fishing by the lake with legs moving through the water.

  1. First start the Mocap Device Plug-in. For detailed information on how to use the Mocap Device Plug-in, please refer to the Using Mocap Device Plug-in section.
  2. In iClone, apply and select a character.
  3. Go to the Animation >> Motion, and click the Device Mocap button in the Modify panel.
  4. Select one of the body parts for motion-capturing in the dummy pane (body parts highlighted in orange mean that they are able to receive motion input). Please note that you may click the button to deselect all body parts.

    For more information about the Full Body and Upper Body modes, please refer to The Best Mode for Capturing Upper Body Motions section.
  5. Click the Preview button and press the Space bar to preview the motion pattern (Shortcut: Space bar).
  6. Click the Record button and press the Space Bar to start recording (Shortcut: Alt + Space bar).

    Real human motion.

    Only the right hand receives the motion data.

  7. Go to the start frame where you recorded the previous motion.
  8. Select another body part from the dummy pane.
  9. Preview and record again.

    Real human motion.

    The feet receive the motion data.

  10. Repeat the steps until the motions are applied to the character layer by layer. You may produce custom motions by using this method.