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Combine iClone 4 and Digital Juice's Motion Design Elements to recreate high resolution magic effects, fireworks, smoke screens, fire bursts and much much more !


Use Digital Juice's Motion Design Elements with iClone 4 to bring quick and easy-to-use effects to any virtual internet show. With hundreds of options, you can now create your own customized show introduction.


Employ hundreds of frames, revealers and line items to showcase your products in outstanding presentations. Combined with popVideo Converter 2.0, Motion Design Elements now bring you amazing options to immerse real-life actors with any product !


The entire Motion Design Elements Collection contains over 1,600 High Resolution popVideos with their own alpha channel transparency that work with other onscreen graphics to draw viewer's attention with stunning visuals.


The complete Pack is a collection of very High Quality animated graphics and design elements used for enhancing covers, revealing text, logos and photos or for dressing up everyday lackluster background.


Average video length for this collection is 1- 20 seconds with 1000x100 to 1000x1000 Resolutions at 30fps, this gives you unparallel flexibility to work with. Exquisite effects can be displayed even when exporting high quality videos.


The possibilities are endless for enhancement with blinking lights, floating 3D objects, spinning rings, sliding boxes, bars and more. Imagine the compositing options for the particle streams and rotating satellites for your internet show's intro. Or you may use spouting water fountains and flashing dots to present your new products.


Over 1,600 Dynamic Visual FX!


*Note: Only Download Version available


VOL. 1 contains:

- Revealers x 100
- Animated frames x 50
- Future tech x 50
- Grab Bag x 100
- Line Items x 100
- Logo revealers x 40
- Global Intentions x 25
- Flags x 153
- Smoke revealers x 30
- Fireworks x 30

File size : 1.92 GB
List Price : $ 199.95
Special Price : $ 99.95
For iClone 4 or above!

VOL. 2 contains:

- Animated frames x 50
- Grab Bag.2 x 100
- Control panels x 40
- Grab bag.3 x 100
- Line Items.2 x 60
- Revealers.2 x 60
- Slats & Bars x 50
- Global Intentions.2 x 25
- Flags.2 x 149
- Fire revealers x 30

File size : 1.75 GB
List Price : $ 199.95
Special Price : $ 99.95
For iClone 4 or above!

VOL. 3 contains:

- 3D spinners x 50
- Motion plaques x 40
- Revealers.3 x 60
- Blinkers x 70
- Motion Grab Bag.4 x 61
- Line Items.3 x 60


File size : 1.65 GB
List Price : $ 99.95
Special Price : $ 49.95
For iClone 4 or above!