The 50 Motion Elements will help you get that modern broadcast look for your productions in seconds flat. Vertical bars slide and wink across the screen, revealing, hiding and distorting your video or still images, while adding life to any show open, slide or show. Styles vary from subtle to bold, fast to slow, with high transparency or low, but all with alpha channels so they can be laid over your productions quickly and easily. Lay one of these over a video montage while your titles slide on top and you have an instant "Network News" type open. Overlay a series of still images with one of these animations at low opacity to give the illusion of a rippling motion under a show opening. The possibilities are infinite.
Click on thumbnail to view Animation. Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes. Average Resolution for Motion Design Elements collection: 1000 X 300 to 1000 X 1000
0001_MotionSlatsandBars 0002_MotionSlatsandBars 0003_MotionSlatsandBars 0004_MotionSlatsandBars
0005_MotionSlatsandBars 0006_MotionSlatsandBars 0007_MotionSlatsandBars 0008_MotionSlatsandBars
0009_MotionSlatsandBars 0010_MotionSlatsandBars 0011_MotionSlatsandBars 0012_MotionSlatsandBars
0013_MotionSlatsandBars 0014_MotionSlatsandBars 0015_MotionSlatsandBars 0016_MotionSlatsandBars
0017_MotionSlatsandBars 0018_MotionSlatsandBars 0019_MotionSlatsandBars 0020_MotionSlatsandBars
0021_MotionSlatsandBars 0022_MotionSlatsandBars 0023_MotionSlatsandBars 0024_MotionSlatsandBars
0025_MotionSlatsandBars 0026_MotionSlatsandBars 0027_MotionSlatsandBars 0028_MotionSlatsandBars
0029_MotionSlatsandBars 0030_MotionSlatsandBars 0031_MotionSlatsandBars 0032_MotionSlatsandBars