The 25 high-resolution highly-detailed animated globes offered in this pack are delivered in a variety of materials and styles so that every production you create with a global perspective can have a different look. See the world as a disco ball, or a glistening ball of ice, as a glittering metallic orb or as a inflated plastic ball -- to name just a few of the styles in this volume. Everyone has need for a moving visual representation of the earth at some point in time; why not make your production stand out by choosing one of these stylish options.
Click on thumbnail to view Animation. Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes. Average Resolution for Motion Design Elements collection: 1000 X 300 to 1000 X 1000
0001_Global Intentions 0002_Global Intentions 0003_Global Intentions 0004_Global Intentions
0005_Global Intentions 0006_Global Intentions 0007_Global Intentions 0008_Global Intentions
0009_Global Intentions 0010_Global Intentions 0011_Global Intentions 0012_Global Intentions
0013_Global Intentions 0014_Global Intentions 0015_Global Intentions 0016_Global Intentions
0017_Global Intentions 0018_Global Intentions 0019_Global Intentions 0020_Global Intentions
0021_Global Intentions 0022_Global Intentions 0023_Global Intentions 0024_Global Intentions
0025_Global Intentions