A motion plaque is an animated design element with an eye-attracting moving surface upon which you can anchor text, graphics, logos or video to make them stand out from your video production. In volume 12 of the Motion Design Elements Library, Motion Plaques, these virtual signboards take every shape and form imaginable -- from a rippling pool of viscous liquid and the sliding slats of a wooden floor, to pages from an ancient manuscript fluttering in the wind or the screen of a futuristic viewing device.
Click on thumbnail to view Animation. Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes. Average Resolution for Motion Design Elements collection: 1000 X 300 to 1000 X 1000
0001_MotionPlaques 0002_MotionPlaques 0003_MotionPlaques 0004_MotionPlaques
0005_MotionPlaques 0006_MotionPlaques 0007_MotionPlaques 0008_MotionPlaques
0009_MotionPlaques 0010_MotionPlaques 0011_MotionPlaques 0012_MotionPlaques
0013_MotionPlaques 0014_MotionPlaques 0015_MotionPlaques 0016_MotionPlaques
0017_MotionPlaques 0018_MotionPlaques 0019_MotionPlaques 0020_MotionPlaques
0021_MotionPlaques 0022_MotionPlaques 0023_MotionPlaques 0024_MotionPlaques
0025_MotionPlaques 0026_MotionPlaques 0027_MotionPlaques 0028_MotionPlaques
0029_MotionPlaques 0030_MotionPlaques 0031_MotionPlaques 0032_MotionPlaques
0033_MotionPlaques 0034_MotionPlaques 0035_MotionPlaques 0036_MotionPlaques
0037_MotionPlaques 0038_MotionPlaques 0039_MotionPlaques 0040_MotionPlaques