Relationship between CrazyTalk7 PRO and Interactive Plug-in

CrazyTalk is the world’s most popular facial animation tool that anyone can use to custom create professional talking avatars, producing animated talking scripts with vivid facial expressions and lip-syncs in fine detail.
Along with the release of Interactive Plug-In, web designers can now batch export avatar assets such as actors, talking scripts, idle motions and projects to host them in their own servers, while freely integrating with their own unique web designs thanks to the CrazyTalk Avatar APIs.

* Please take note that in order to playback/interact with the CrazyTalk animations, your audiences will first need to install the free Unity Web Player which should be easily available to download and install via their web browsers.

Export Interactive Avatar Projects and Add Your Own Script

  • Productions from CrazyTalk7 are no longer restricted to your desktop. Now you can easily export your avatar projects, to engage visitors on websites.
  • Depending on your needs, you can script control your avatars as web hosts, customer service agents, or virtual online trainers.

Batch Export Contents

  • Interactive design usually requires a collection of assets playing back at users’ random request. With Interactive PlugIn, you have the additional option to multiple select and right-click export assets such as actors, scripts, idle motions, or projects directly from CrazyTalk content library with one click.
  • The interactive plugin convert and optimizes the avatar assets for Unity engine, it delivers the minimal footprint for web and apps design.

Intuitive CrazyTalk Avatar APIs with Well-categorized Sample Codes

  • You can quickly glance through the sample code page to overview the flexibility of CrazyTalk Avatar APIs. Know more
  • Even if you are a novice web designer, you can easily copy and apply the codes you need to your own website.
  • For advanced programmers, the CrazyTalk Avatar API Reference Guide provides you with full parameter descriptions of each API function, so that you can fine-tune control details for optimal results.

Self-hosting and Fully Own Your Design Assets

  • Unlike other cloud-based avatar services, CrazyTalk gives developers full freedom to self-host all their work, no matter if they choose to integrate their own avatar solutions on their own corporate web sites, or if they provide contracted avatar services for their clients.
  • By using the CrazyTalk Avatar API (JavaScript), developers can easily add dynamic actors to enrich web interactivity, and deliver the best user experience with extensive custom design capabilities.

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