Adjusting face and body proportions.
A. Adjusting the face
A-1 Apply a character.
A-2 Select "Face" under "Head".
A-3 Go to "Facial Features" under the Modify window.
  You can select the part of face you wanted to change and then adjust the value at "Brow" window to get the desired result.
  Eg. How to change a character's eyes.
A-4 You can also go to "Facial Features" —> "Detail" to adjust the details of the face more precisely.
A-5 Create different faces by adjusting the values.
B. Adjust the body proportions.
B-1 Apply an actor.
B-2 Select Actor —> "Avatar".
B-3 Go to "Body Style" in the Modify window and click on "Avatar Proportion" to open the window.
  Adjust the values to create lots of different body types.
B-4 You can create new faces to go with different body types to create many great results.
For a more detailed walkthrough, please check iClone 5 Online Help:
How to Change the Proportion of Each Sub Node of an Actor


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