A. Adjust default values to change character costume colors in iClone5
  You can quickly adjust character costumes using the default tools in iClone5.
A-1 Apply a character and choose "Upper Body" under "Actor".
A-2 Click "Diffuse" in the Modify window.
  Adjust the values under "Adjust Color".
  Adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation as you like.
A-3 Done.
B. Use graphic software to design a texture
  You can export your character's costume texture, import it into any of software that you installed on your computer, and then change the costumes by drawing the textures.
B-1 Apply a character and choose "Upper Body" under "Actor".
B-2 Click the "Launch" button under the "Material & Texture Settings" in the Modify window.
B-3 Draw the texture in the graphic software.
  After changing the texture, you can either save or reload the file to update the texture.
B-4 Done.
For a more detailed walkthrough, please check iClone 5 Online Help:
CloneCloth - Creating Your Own Fashion Designs and Collections


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