CloneCloth - Creating Your Own Fashion Designs and Collections
(G3 and G2 Actors Only)

iClone provides you an easy and powerful method to create a custom actor wardrobe. Using an image-editor application installed on your system, you can be a fashion designer too.

Please note that there are two categories of G3 and G2 actors. One is with only a single layer of skin, like the G1 actors. The other is more realistic since the actors are designed to be garmented with clothes on them, which means there are two layers (the body layer and the cloth layer) for each avatar. Simply modify the opacity texture of the upper body and you will see the differences. CloneCloth is designed to work only with G3 and G2 avatars that possess an outer garment 2nd layer mesh.

Single Layer

Double Layers (body & cloth)


  • The Upper Body, Lower Body, and Shoes for the G3, G2 and G1 are not interchangeable due to the different skeletal systems used by each actor body style.

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