Empower Fully Expressive 3D Facial Animation

Base Model Sculpting
Custom Expressions
Wrinkle Patterns
3D Scan & Stylized Pipeline

Base Model

Expression & Wrinkle

Scan & Toon




Deploy rapid look dev using the Character Creator (CC) base model and facial morphs to approximate the character’s appearance. Then, one-click sends the character to ZBrush for sculpting and polypainting. Easily update the crafted details back to the CC model, complete with baked diffuse, normal, and cavity maps when you are ready. Online Manual


In addition to sculpting details, Face Tools excel at crafting convincing expressions and capturing unique personalities. Transfer core expressions from CC to ZBrush to customize them as desired, and selectively update CC expressions for immediate turnarounds. Online Manual


CC Face Tools enable the seamless transfer of all 13 core expressions to ZBrush as editable layers. Adjustments to facial elements, including eyes, teeth, and tongue, can be finely tuned to conform to the shape of each core morph, resulting in flawless exaggerations and outlandish squash-and-stretch effects. When exposed, deformable facial elements play an integral role in the overall expression.


Automatically generate high-fidelity textures from ultra-high subdivision levels in ZBrush. These source maps, including diffuse, normal, ambient occlusion, and redness, grant unprecedented realism within the dynamic wrinkle system. Online Manual


ZBrush Face Tools empower seamless export of characters tailored for 3D games, films, and extended reality. These meticulously sculpted characters can leverage iClone facial controls, facial motion capture, and deliver precise lip syncing. Auto-setup plugins are fine-tuned for optimal compatibility with Unreal, Unity, Blender, Maya, and other prominent 3D platforms, ensuring immediate synchronization of facial animation and material settings.



Crafting digital doubles with lifelike resemblance and precise facial expressions was once confined to high-budget game and film studios. Now, any ZBrush artist, regardless of skill level, can effortlessly create custom expressions using FACS scans. Witness the exceptional quality of 3D scans. Online Manual

  • 3D Scans to Realtime Models
  • Project Expressions

Transform a neutral 3D scanned head model into an animation-ready facial model effortlessly. Utilize Headshot 2.0 to seamlessly convert a high-resolution mesh into CC base topology and efficiently translate intricate details from millions of polygons into texture maps optimized for real-time performance.

Leverage ZBrush's mesh and color projection techniques to replicate Character Creator's core expressions derived from FACS scan models. Opt to synchronize any edited expression layers back to Character Creator, ensuring precise replication of expressions and dynamic wrinkle performances.

  • Exaggerated Styles
  • 3D Toon Lines

Comic, cartoon, or stylized characters exhibit distinct expressive qualities compared to photoreal digital humans. Face Tools empower you to explore this diverse range of expressions, enabling you to bring your imagination to life and craft original animation styles and character designs.

Brush up your polypaint techniques and delve into the fun of adding drawn-on wrinkles! By combing ZBrush polypaint with CC toon shader, you can explore the art of "manpu", a Japanese manga symbology designed to express movement and emotions. Online Manual


  • Subtools
  • Polygroups
  • Expression Layers
  • Normal to Displacement

Experience the convenience of breaking down your character into ZBrush subtools, benefitting from identical model structures that effortlessly facilitate character transfers between ZBrush and Character Creator.

Predefined ZBrush polygroups streamline the design process by allowing designers to concentrate on specific mesh sections during editing. Polygroups play a crucial role in preventing brush overspills, particularly when working on border regions of the lips, eyelids, eyelashes, and more.

The 13 core expressions are intricately linked with ZBrush layers to facilitate rapid sculpting. Upon selecting a particular expression, it is automatically applied to the character and associated with the corresponding ZBrush layer for recording.

Face Tools proprietary feature turns CC normal maps into ZBrush high-subdivision mesh. These finely detailed layers can serve as a foundation for sculpting micro-skin textures.

  • Displacement to Normal
  • ZBrush Polypaint to CC Diffuse Map
  • ZBrush Cavity to Blend & Roughness Map

High-subdivision sculpting in ZBrush automatically bake into normal maps when the CC character is synced. This lets character artists craft intricately detailed skin textures, complete with dynamic wrinkles, ensuring optimal performance in real-time rendering.

Enhance your character's skin with nuanced blood vessels, scars, tribal tattoos, and more. Overlay these elements onto CC's original diffuse map, and seamlessly bake and optimize them for real-time presentation. Online Manual

Face Tools can effortlessly transform deep shading within the recesses of high-mesh models into cavity maps. When blended with subtle ambient occlusion maps, artists can leverage it to enhance skin details or accentuate nuances in the roughness texture. Online Manual


  • UI Overview
  • 13 Core Expressions vs. Wrinkle Sets

The integration of the 13 core facial morphs, complemented by the Dynamic Wrinkle System, empowers the generation of distinctive facial performances. To achieve even greater precision, the Facial Profile Editor offers additional secondary morphs for further refinement.

ZBrush Face Tools for Indie available!

Reallusion always aspires to empower the entire 3D community to build their 3D worlds at an affordable price. Therefore, if you are a freelance artist, a solo developer, or simply someone who loves the 3D world out of personal interest, this is your chance to experience the powerful ZBrush Face Tools at the indie price.
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