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HEADSHOT - AI-powered 3D Head Generator

Headshot, the AI-powered Character Creator plugin generates 3D realtime digital humans from one photo. Apart from intelligent texture blending and head mesh creation, the generated digital doubles are fully rigged for voice lipsync, facial expression, and full body animation. Headshot contains two AI modes: Pro Mode & Auto Mode. Pro Mode includes Headshot 1000+ sculpting morphs, Image Mapping and Texture Reprojection tools. The Pro Mode is designed for production level hi-res texture processing and ultimate face shape refinement. Auto Mode makes lower-res virtual heads with additional 3D hair in a fully automatic process.

headshot - 3d face and 3d hair creation


1K Texture img
Create 3D Hair
Fully Automatic
Intelligent Texture Blend
headshot - high quality 3d face creation, 3d scan level face creation


4K Texture
Photo Reprojection
Image Matching
Custom Mask
headshot - head morph system



Pipeline to iClone, 3D animation tool or game engine


Headshot is suitable for anyone - from professionals who require realtime 3D quality heads, to indie artists and even casual users. Generate characters for live performance, motion capture, animation, virtual production, games, and more. Headshot delivers unparalleled photo-to-3D head generation ready for realtime animation.


3D Animation

Game & VR





Automatic 3D Head and Hair Generation

The specially trained Auto Mode generates complete 3D heads from images. Design realtime 3D head models and also get separated hair meshes. This intelligent process automatically removes hair from images, provides natural side texture, and is tolerant to face shadows. Auto Mode is suitable to create mid-range crowds for film, or NPC characters in 3D games.

Hair Generation

Generate Hair Model

  • Generate 3D hair mesh based on the image input
  • Additional mesh layer with alpha mask to soften edge line
  • Conformable to different head shapes
  • Save to hair library
  • Easily use GoZ to refine texture and shape in Zbrush
headshot - 3d hair creation

Build A 3D Hair Library

Headshot generated 3D hair is fully compatible with Character Creator's conformable hair format (.ccHair). You can add them into your hair library, and apply them to other CC characters.

headshot - 3d hair library headshot - 3d hair library
Professional Control Over Extreme Detail

Fully control the head generation process with loads of advanced features and super sculpting tools. Headshot Pro Mode produces 3D heads with upto 4096 texture resolution, manages texture blend options, gives photo-aligned mesh adjustment and texture reprojection. Pro mode gives you unmatched scan-quality output for 3D virtual human requiring close up view.


Even from the initial creation, Headshot can achieve a close resemblance from the first fitting. Utilize the sculpt morphing tools to shape and refine. Headshot heads are fully rigged and ready for animation with iClone or exported to realtime engines like Unreal.

headshot - photo to 3d model, 3d face headshot - photo to 3d model, 3d face

High-Res Texture & Shaping Options

By using high-res source images and Headshot’s 1000+ Morphs you can get a scan-quality digital human face in 4K texture details. Additional textures include normal, AO, roughness, metallic, SSS and Micro Normal for more realistic digital human rendering.

headshot - photo to 3d model texture, 3d face texture headshot - photo to 3d model texture, 3d face texture

Image Matching

  • Turn on the Image Matching Layer as a reference plane for advanced head shape refinement.
  • Automatically lock the 3D model to the image layer based on the analyzed camera lens from photo.

    This lets you easily align the scene camera to the orientation of the photo.

  • Adjust 3D head meshes using on-screen Sculpt Morph or Headshot Morph Sliders.
  • Alternate the layer opacity to verify the photo-mesh alignment.
  • Use the Zoom View slider for close-up editing.


  • Fix the texture-to-mesh alignment discrepancies resulting from texture generation, lens correction, or face morph change.
  • Apply UV Reprojection to bake textures onto the newly photo-aligned head mesh.
  • Iterate the progressive photo reprojection workflow for head, ears, eyes, nose, and lips to get the perfect image matching result.


Face and Eyelid Mask options are provided for you to cope with images partially covered by hair, or with unwanted shadow, and also helps to fix closed-eyelid texture issues. You can custom paint a mask to make the most of the original photo, or manually fill in missing textures.



Initial Body Type

Select a body type to begin creating the Headshot character. The body type selections provide male, female or gender neutral options.

Head Profiles for Different Humans

The Headshot AI Engine detects the human face and creates 3D heads with naturally matching face types. Typical profiles for Caucasian, Asian and African are provided, and each with subtle variations based on the nature of your source images.

headshot - 3d face shapes by caucasian, asian, african headshot - 3d face shapes by caucasian, asian, african

Texture Options

Wondering how Headshot engine deals with the side face textures? In order to create virtual humans with different ages, genders, hair and beard style, Headshot provides many skin presets and mask options for the optimal virtual human appearance.

Skin Type

The Skin Types library gives you a selection of skin presets for age, roughness, contour, and facial hair. Choose the skin color to best match the photo source or use the drop down menu to tailor the skin, beard and scalp combination.


Scalp textures for shaved styles or bald heads. Edit textures to customize the look.


Beard skin-patterns in different lengths and colors for different ages.

Eye Color

Common eye color options and access to more from the Custom Eye Color, or customize using the Color Picker.

headshot - 3d face eye texture options headshot - 3d face eye texture options

Export Options

There are several export options for Headshot generated characters, as you can save a dressed-up character, add its 3D generated hair to the library, or keep the newly generated 3D head as an Avatar Preset ready to mix-and-blend with other characters.

headshot - 3d model and hair library headshot - 3d model and hair library headshot - 3d model and hair library headshot - 3d model and hair library
Animation Pipeline to 3D Tools

You can directly animate Headshot created characters using iClone, and you can easily export them to your favorite 3D game engines or 3D editing tools for immersive media, games and film production.

headshot - 3d character animation pipeline headshot - 3d character animation pipeline
On-screen Sculpt Morph Design

Wish to directly manipulate the head shape without having to search for the specific morph sliders? Well, Headshot provides you with an easy way to adjust a character's face contour and fine details, allowing you to quickly achieve the look you want.

  • Intuitive 3D sculpting design lets you hover over a control area, and use directional mouse drags to adjust the corresponding mesh shape.
  • Realistic human morph range based on Headshot Morph 1000+, displays corresponding morph slider names while you sculpt edit the selected part.
  • Automatic switching between Front and Side morphs based on character perspective. Best of all is that Front facing planer morphs won't affect the depth value of the Side facing morphs, and vice versa.
Six Levels of Morph Detail

From full head and face sculpting to individual features - head contour, face, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Easily hotkey switch between the area for speedy, targeted shape refinement.

Select sculpt level and view video

headshot - 3d face shape - face
headshot - 3d face shape - contour
headshot - 3d face shape - eyes
headshot - 3d face shape - nose
headshot - 3d face shape - ears
headshot - 3d face shape - mouth

Optional Features
headshot - 3d face shape - sculpting settings
  • Control Area Mode
  • The Control Area provides a default mode (in white) and dark mode (in black), and adjusts the opacity according to the status of your character.

  • Symmetrical
  • Most people have asymmetrical faces, toggle the symmetrical options for detailed adjustment.

  • Show Control Area
  • Experienced users can choose to turn off the control area highlight for direct shape editing.

  • Zoom to Focus Area
  • Camera automatically focuses on the target edit area when switching sculpt level.

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Auto Mode vs Pro Mode

*Both modes are included in Headshot plug-in*

Auto ModePro Mode
BriefAutomatic 3D head and hair generationProfessional control over extreme details
Purpose Create lightweight, mid-range virtual humanCreate scan-quality virtual human for close-up view
Application3D game, archiviz, motion capture, citizen or crowd for animation & film productionDigital human for 3D game, motion capture, live performance, animation & film production
Texture Resolution1024x1024 (each for head and hair)4096x4096
Generated MeshHead & HairHead
Professional ToolsImage Matching, Lens Correction, Photo Reprojection
Shape RefinementHeadshot Morph 1000+, Sculpt Morph editingHeadshot Morph 1000+, Sculpt Morph editing