Detail Every Aspect of Digital Human

Empowered by SkinGen, Realistic Human Skin is made by dynamic skin, hair, and nail materials; all magically blended with authentic 3D scan-based elements. Create a wide array of skin ages and appearance options with unmatched flexibility and production quality.

realistic skin-3D scan


Following the natural layered skin dynamics, the Realistic Human Skin library starts from the muscle layer (normal map), and then Skin Details, Blemish on-top, and Acquired Elements like tattoos, finally determine Body Hair on the outermost surface. The simplified layer structure corresponds to real skin and properties to achieve a targeted result.

realistic skin-skin assets



Served as the starting skin layer for your character definition. A total of 13 Skin Base settings range from baby to seniors, from skinny to heavy, from male to female; skin types for Asian, Caucasian, and African are also included. Sample shapes for the Skin Base can be found in Ultimate Morphs pack.


This set of content focuses on bodybuilding and athletic physique for male and female, prominent pecs, abs, biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, and veins are highlighted.

make human skin-strong male

Overall skin assets are made by the combination of Skin Base (static textures) and Full Skin (dynamic material effects)


Achieve thin styles for all ages from natural slim, emaciated and skinny. Protrude spines, sharpen shoulder blades, reveal rib cages, pelvis bone, and clear neck sinew definition.

make human skin-skinny

Overall skin assets are made by the combination of Skin Base (static textures) and Full Skin (dynamic material effects)


A geriatric selection of modifications with sagging skin and creased wrinkles for both elder male and female. Natural age spots scatter equally over face, neck, torso, arms, legs, hand and feet.

make human skin-the elder

Overall skin assets are made by the combination of Skin Base (static textures) and Full Skin (dynamic material effects)


This set of content emphasizes curves for obese male, female and children/babies. The skin presence is rather translucent and smooth, with a large mass of rounded normals to build the body-fat crease definition.

make human skin-the baby

Overall skin assets are made by the combination of Skin Base (static textures) and Full Skin (dynamic material effects)


Normal effects allow us to add a high level of details to 3D characters without burdening the realtime engine with intricate geometry. 3 levels of stackable normals - Muscle, Sinew, Wrinkle are provided based on the level of normal delicacy.


Add carved ribs and abs to a hero, jagged spine to older characters, or emphasize saggy skin and weight to an obese character. Define with the largest area of normals, muscles determine the essence of a 3D character.

View Demo:  Muscle  |  Sinew  |  Fat Creases  |  Aged

make human skin-muscles

Facial Wrinkle

Wrinkle is a key ingredient to add a touch of seniority. Access 10 types of professionally sculpted facial wrinkles designed for different ages. Adjust the intensity level or range selection in SkinGen.

View Demo:   Male   |   Female

make human skin-facial wrinkle

Partial Wrinkle

Partial Wrinkle gives another level of flexibility to add a specific wrinkle instead of a full face pattern. Choose from forehead lines, neck lines, frown lines, crows feet, nasolabial folds, and tear troughs. Wrinkles for various body areas are also included.

make human skin-partial wrinkle


The underlying vascular system reveals details visible on the character’s skin definition. Add details like vein protrusion and arteries to put a vital element in the character design.

make human skin-vascular

Skin Details content adds definition with color and matching materials, then complete the basic skin look, and add photo-realistic overlays via skin decals.

Skin Decal

A variety of high-quality scan elements are provided in the Decal library and work as a texture patch which can be stacked on the skin surface. Click to apply decals for hands, elbows, knees, naval, nipples, or lips. There are 8 texture channels to cover every detail.

View Demo: Face Decal -   Male   |   Female

make human skin-skin decal


To take a closer look, real human skin is actually presented with complex and uneven colors. Several uneven color patterns for the face, nose, chest, back, and clavicle can be found in the coloration library for natural skin interpretation.

make human skin-coloration


Roughness defines the glossy skin level on a character. Use roughness maps to make a face dry, oily, or shiny forehead and the roughness strength is easily adjustable in SkinGen.

make human skin-roughness

Perfect skin tends to look fake, Blemishes reveal a digital human look that’s believable thanks to the beauty of imperfection. Four types of stackable skin blemishes can be found in the library.


Freckles apply to both young and old while also accentuating a sun-exposed skin look. The color tint, density, material, normal strength, and distribution are adjustable in SkinGen.

make human skin-freckle


Caused by clusters of pigmented cells, moles often appears as small, dark spots on the skin. Access two types of moles for size and style variety.

make human skin-mole


Acne occurs when the follicles clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Access various blemishes and settings for whitehead, blackhead acne, and acne scars for face and upper back. Controllable color, scale, and normal for swelling and head.

make human skin-acne


Suntan is a simple but most effective skin variation suitable for any character. Apply suntans to sunburns on male and female characters, and you can adjust suntan noise for a natural blend.

make human skin-suntan

In contrast to natural skin attributes, acquired skin effects as overlays adds more personality to your character. Tattoo, scar, liquid and dirt can be found in Acquired category.


Tattoo is made by a patch of image pattern which can be stacked on the skin surface. Tattoo library includes different graphics patterns for hands, arms, torso, shoulders, and calf. The blend noise, color tint, normal, and opacity level are all adjustable in SkinGen.

realistic skin-tatoo


Battle-hardened villains, heroes and characters that have seen some action need a definable scar. The scar library includes laceration, scratch, gunshot, fresh wound, healed, and stitched options. Other than the scar’s shape, the base, swollen tissue, scab, and ulcer can be adjusted separately.

realistic skin-scar


The liquid layer is a skin element that overlays fluid effects for an intense addition to the character design. Choose from settings for blood, sweat, tears and more with templates for editing to customize the look.

realistic skin-liquid


The Dirt library adds dirt and mud blends to the skin and to different body parts of the actor. The Dirt library easily customizes the range, filling patterns, normal strength, and color gradients.

realistic skin-dirt


Mutant styles are replicated from lizards, reptiles, or fish scales. This library includes a fully scaled Siren, and a colorized reptile arm made with three layers of scales. Create spiral geometric patterns by adjusting the tiling number and offset values.

realistic skin-reptile

For optimal render performance, texture-based hair remains mainstream in the real-time workflow. Mod them with normal and color gradients to increase realism. Three categories of short hair - scalp, beard, and body are included in this library.


Scalps compliment the default bald head with variations. This library includes top & corner bald, receding hairline, stubble and other patterns with adjustable normals and two-color gradients.

realistic skin-hairline


A variety of beard patterns are included in this pack. Blend several hair color to achieve different styles and looks from young to old.

realistic skin-beard

Body Hair

Body hair is made by the hair that grows on the torso, arm, and legs. Straight, curly, heavy and light hair patterns are included. Customize body hair distribution range and define upto three layers of hair and pores. Fine-tune the color gradients and normal strength for complete detail.

realistic skin-body hair

Both Natural and Manicure nails are included in this library, emphasizing distinctively different material applications. Please check Base (AvatarPreset) - Nail section for Morphable Nails.

Natural Nails

A natural nail is made by four adjustable portions - bed, lunula, wall, and edge, which brings all possible nail looks. This library includes healthy, blemish, worn, dirt, and bloody nail options. Make sure to check nail morphs for the optimal combination.

realistic skin-natural nails


Real and imaginable beauty salon nails fall in this category for polished, translucent, black & white, colorful, gradient, metallic, French style and more. Combine with Nail Morphs for the optimal result.

View Demo:  Quick Overview  |  Mix & Match

realistic skin-manicure

Flexible Adjustment


Drag-in and stack assets to form a composite effect. Achieve unlimited design possibilities by tuning the layer opacity, switching blend modes, or changing layer orders, even before you touch their dynamic material attributes.

human skin texture-layer stack editing


Thanks to the dynamic material design of SkinGen, fine tune materials, transformation, tiling, blend types and more with Realistic Human Skin assets

human skin texture-skingen


SkinGen Premium PlugIn unlocks texture import, remove 15 layer limitation, and saves user-defined, customized skin tools.

human skin texture-skin tools